ARL senior research scientist named IEEE senior member

June 28, 2011

Story Highlights

  • Senior ARL research scientist named a senior member of IEEE.
  • A Senior Member is the highest grade of IEEE.
  • Dr. Semendy is past Chairman of IEEE - Baltimore Chapter.

Dr. Fred Semendy, a senior research scientist in ARL's EO Materials and Devices Branch, was named a senior member of IEEE in the field of electron devices. He was recognized with this competitive distinction for his contributions in device design, fabrication and testing.

Senior Member is the highest grade for which IEEE members can apply, and is awarded to engineers, scientists, educators, technical executives, or originators in IEEE-designated fields who reflect professional maturity with at least ten years of professional practice, and who show significant performance in professional practice for at least five years.

IEEE is the world's largest professional association dedicated to advancing technological innovation and excellence for the benefit of humanity. IEEE members collaborate on world?changing technologies including computing and sustainable energy systems, aerospace, communications, robotics and healthcare.

His most recent accomplishments include designing, fabricating and testing high breakdown voltage GaAs x-ray detectors, short wave infrared (SWIR) detection using Mercury Cadmium Telluride detectors for proximity fuzes which are explosive ignition devices used in bombs, artillery shells and mines, and high conversion efficiency c-silicon solar cells based on micro-nano scale structures. Currently he is working on designing, fabricating and testing quantum dots, nano materials , graphene and organic polymers based SWIR detectors and imaging devices, solar power generators and nano electronics for Army mission oriented systems.

Semendy is the recent past Chairman of the IEEE - Electron Devices Society, Baltimore Chapter. He has published more than 30 technical papers.


Last Update / Reviewed: June 28, 2011