Standard Operating Procedure for Simulating Underbody Blast (UBB) to Support Live-Fire Test and Evaluation with Arbitrary Lagrangian-Eulerian—Based Loading

Report No. ARL-CR-0804
Authors: Raquel L Ciappi
Date/Pages: August 2016; 60 pages
Abstract: This report defines the tools (including software) that the US Army Research Laboratory's Survivability/Lethality Analysis Directorate uses when completing an underbody blast analysis to support live-fire test and evaluation efforts. It also provides guidance on how to consistently perform analyses and postprocess simulation results and establishes a set of standard inputs. The procedures outlined in this report are specific for simulating underbody mine-blast problems for full-vehicle structures using the multiphysics code LS-DYNA. To implement arbitrary Lagrangian-Eulerian loading, specific LS-DYNA cards are needed that have been organized into 4 distinct input decks (.k, or "keyword", ASCII-based text files). A brief summary of each card is presented along with the parameters of interest and the appropriate values defined.
Distribution: Approved for public release
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Last Update / Reviewed: August 1, 2016