Blastproof used glass against explosives at MIT Design Competition

"When a shock wave hits the armor panel, it crushes the glass spheres and dissipates the energy from the blast," Cody Jacobucci, who finished his first year at Massachusetts Institute... Full Story ››



  • Collaboration Commons designed to enhance discussions amongst employees

    The U.S. Army Research Laboratory recently converted one of its former library spaces located in the Human Research and Engineering Directorate at Aberdeen Proving Ground, Md., and designed a room that is more modernized and creative. This resulted in what is now known as Collaboration Commons. During the renovation of the HRED building, the former library...

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  • Students showed off at ARL's 8th annual Symposium

    Student mentors saw the fruit of their labor at the 2014 U.S. Army Research Laboratory Summer Student Symposium where presenters from across laboratory shined. "The student presenters get up year after year and just blow us away with their poise, their knowledge, and their accomplishments," said Dr. Rose Pesce-Rodriguez, an ARL Fellow and long-time supporter...

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  • U.S. Army team tells senator, councilmember about 3-D printing to make moving parts

    Lt. Col Keith Morgan told legislators that U. S. Army Research Laboratory engineers want to print a micro-air vehicle that could fly. ARL is conducting 3-D printing research in order to meet the needs of the future Soldier. The laboratory is focused on advancing the basic scientific research to move 3-D printing from a prototyping technique to a standard...

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Dr. Thomas Russell, Director

Dr. Thomas Russell, Director

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