U.S. Army Research Lab wins DOD award for a billion hours of supercomputing to research internal combustion engines

Army researchers will begin modeling fuel behave at never-before-seen complexities as part of an effort to improve engine performance.... Full Story ››



  • Bruce Amrein's dedication to ARL continues – even as he sets out to retire

    So many of the men and women who retire from the U.S. Army Research Laboratory will tell you that they were fortunate to have worked with such great teams and loved the work and research they conducted while there. Bruce E. Amrein, chief of the Perceptual Sciences Branch at the Human Research and Engineering Directorate is no exception. He has been with HRED...

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  • Open Campus initiative brings natural language processing to cyber research

    Do authors of source code have a unique identifying style—a "coding fingerprint"—that can be learned from a few samples of their work and used to identify them? This question holds implications for protecting intellectual property as well as for identifying malware authors and tracking the evolution of malware. It spurred a cross-cutting summer...

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  • High school teacher becomes Army researcher

    Army researchers come from a wide variety of backgrounds. That is the case with Elizabeth Caplinger, a chemist and human factors specialist, who has been with the U.S. Army Research Laboratory's Human Research and Engineering Directorate in Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri, for about six years. Caplinger started her career as a high school teacher. She was certified...

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Dr. Thomas Russell, Director

Dr. Thomas Russell, Director

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August 04, 2014

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