Sciences-for-Maneuver Campaign Plan

Sciences-for-Maneuver Campaign Plan

Sciences-for-Maneuver is focused on gaining a greater fundamental understanding of advanced mobility systems and their supporting architectures – critical to the future Army's movement, sustainment, and maneuverability through Energy and Propulsion, Platform Mechanics, Platform Intelligence, and Logistics and Sustainability.

MISSION: To discover, innovate, and transition S&T enabled capabilities that significantly increase the force effectiveness and global responsiveness of the Army - America's primary ground force.

VISION: Air and ground platforms available to commanders of the Army of 2030 are designed and built that make it possible to rapidly respond to emerging conflicts at any location around the globe. Based on vastly improved materials, logistical support needs of the fighting force are greatly reduced. A globally responsive, lethal, and resilient force serves as a significant deterrent to rising conflict. The desired end state is to leverage the full range of S&T enablers to prepare forces.

The Sciences-for-Maneuver Campaign is strongly supported by these foundational pillars and key enablers to provide a flexible and adaptive approach which is geared towards addressing S&T challenges to Army Power Projection Superiority. The emphasis areas include Energy and Propulsion; Platform Mechanics; Platform Intelligence; and Logistics and Sustainability.

Energy and Propulsion concentrates on understanding and exploiting the applications of energy generation, storage, conversion, and management. The goal of this research is to provide energy and power applications to enhance Army operational effectiveness, improve efficiency, and accelerate development of critical military platform systems ensuring Army Power Projection superiority.

Platform Mechanics focuses on fundamental research that enables the development of the highly maneuverable platforms for the Army of the future.

Vehicle Intelligence focuses upon fundamental research that enables effective teaming of Soldiers and robots to conduct maneuver and military missions. ARL's activities are centered upon enhancing the autonomous capabilities of unmanned systems.

Logistics and Sustainability focuses on fundamental research to enable the rapid and reliable assessment of future Army platform reliability, health, and usage.


Last Update / Reviewed: February 5, 2015