SSP Task Performer Database Information

Any qualified individual from private, industrial, or academic sectors may participate in the SSP. In order to match the requirements of the sponsoring agency with the qualifications of an individual, the SSP maintains a database that contains names of consultants and keywords of consultants' areas of research.

To be considered for an SSP task under the SSP, e-mail a current resume to Your resume should include your education, work experience, honors and professional recognitions, special accomplishments such as committee or conference chairmanships, professional associations, consulting experience, publications and the following information:

  • Name
  • Organization/Affiliation
  • Address
  • Phone, Fax, and E-mail

If you were ever a government employee, indicate the rank or grade and step, organization, location, and duties at the agency where you were last employed, as well as your separation or retirement date.

Battelle will acknowledge receipt of the résumé submission.


Last Update / Reviewed: June 3, 2013