Human Behavior

Individual Differences

Supports research to discover and understand the underlying properties, principles, and mechanisms governing the differences between individual humans that are expected to lead to new methods, algorithms, and capabilities for predicting dynamic individual performance within a range of settings from small units to societies. Innovations are expected to enable revolutionary capabilities to individualize equipment and technology design, uncover mechanisms that underlie individual differences in resilience, and training for Soldier augmentation and systems integration for the purposes of enhancing mission performance and capitalize on diversity within the population.

  • Individual Behavior
  • Models and Methods

Real World Behavior

Focuses on a multi-scale understanding of human behavior within real world contexts and environments to include fundamental discoveries of the properties and principles of mechanisms governing individual behavioral dynamics. Innovations focus on approaches and technologies to translate laboratory-based research findings to real world applications, as well as discovering novel technologies to interpret behavior under real world conditions. Discoveries and innovations are expected to yield capabilities that will dramatically improve Soldier training, in-field performance, and human's use of technology.

  • Human Performance
  • Realism in Simulation
  • Enhanced Interpretation

Last Update / Reviewed: February 5, 2015