Human Capability enhancement


Focuses on research to understand and augment fundamental human capabilities across short and long time scales. Augmentation aims at enabling greater capabilities, providing resilience to durations of limited capabilities, and supporting agile, knowledgeable decision making. Innovations in augmented sensory and cognitive systems that are matched to individual capabilities and tuned to the operational environment are expected to significantly impact warfighter situational awareness and decision making. Innovations are also expected to enhance warfighter physical capabilities by balancing load, improving protection, and enhancing perfor-mance.

  • Perception
  • Cognitive/Affective
  • Physical


Includes a broad-based program of fundamental research and advanced technology development to achieve significant advances in Soldier training and, ultimately, mission effectiveness. The development of future training technologies requires advances in learning sciences, human sciences, human-system interaction, computer science, engineering and modeling and simulation. Execution of the training technology program is intended to produce high-payoff achievements in learning, retention, and transfer of knowledge and skills from the training environment to the operational environment. The end goal is to discover and innovate powerful new tools, technologies, and methods that can accelerate learning, can be applied at the point of need at any time and are affordable.

  • Effectiveness and Learning Methods
  • Simulation and Training Technology

Last Update / Reviewed: February 5, 2015