Human-System Integration

Integration Technologies

Research is focused on innovations in core areas underlying human-system integration. This effort seeks to discover, understand, and exploit the properties, principles, and mechanisms governing human-system interactions to innovate novel interfaces and stable, robust, effective control systems, as well as developing approaches to analyze, model, and predict effective human-system integration. Innovations are expected to enable human integration in varying-sized sociotechnical systems that are more effective, naturalistic, tightly coupled, and more adaptable to the dynamic user than found in today's Army.

  • Interface Technologies
  • Closed-Loop Behavior

Humans in Systems

Focuses on discovering, understanding, and exploiting fundamental principles governing the influences of the human-in-the-loop system on human dynamics and effectiveness. This effort also focuses on the human influences on overall system design and effectiveness on human-agent teams, cybersecurity, and organizational and social networks. Innovations are expected to exploit a fundamental understanding of aspects of social network dynamics; organizational structure optimization; and ethics, values, trust, social-cultural, economic, and geopolitical effects. This will enable the development of advanced technologies that influence group dynamics and performance.

  • Human-Agent Teams
  • Socio-Technical Systems

Last Update / Reviewed: February 5, 2015