Assessing Mission Capability of Systems


Focused on analysis of the effects of blast and ballistic loading on the brain and the body, and will incorporate numerical models of Soldiers into system level analyses of performance predictions. This research is expected to enable system performance prediction to analyze the costs and benefits of changes in any portion of the system up to overall Soldier performance. Complementing this research is an extensive program of physical and virtual experiments to develop the empirical data necessary to validate these tools. This work augments work conducted in the Human Sciences Campaign.


Focuses on assessing the vulnerability of Army acquisition systems – networks and devices connected to the network – to cyber threats. Assessment and Analysis cyber analysts conduct red teaming, blue team vulnerability assessments (VA), penetration testing, and code analysis utilizing existing methodologies, tools and techniques and developing those needed to assess new technologies. This augments and leverages work being conducted in the Information Sciences Campaign.

  • Device
  • Network

Electronic Warfare

Focused on development of new methodologies and techniques to assess the impacts of emerging Electronic Warfare threats. Areas of particular interest include the impacts of dynamic Electronic Attack threats on communications systems and ultrashort-pulsed lasers on optical sensors.

  • Communications
  • Sensor Vulnerability

Human Factors

Focused on pursuing and developing integrated Human Factors Engineering (HFE) and System Engineering (SE) assessments and analytic techniques to produce effective models capable of predicting human, system, and mission capabilities early in the acquisition cycle. These efforts concentrate on identifying human capabilities and limitations within the physical, perceptual and cognitive areas, and will be leveraged by the Human Sciences Campaign.

  • Physical
  • Perceptual
  • Cognitive

Reliability, Availability, and Maintainability (RAM)

Focused on pursuing and developing new methodologies and techniques to facilitate assessments of personnel and materiel readiness.

  • Personnel
  • Materiel

Systems of Systems (SoS)

Focused on developing new analysis capabilities for a system of systems (SoS) – a collection of interlinked and mutually dependent systems that has properties and capabilities well beyond the simple union of the independent attributes of its constituent systems. Novel analysis capabilities developed as a result of these efforts are expected to provide accurate representations of battlefield effects such as ballistic events, computer-network operations, and electronic warfare, embedded within cognitive, communication, and decision-making contexts.


Last Update / Reviewed: February 5, 2015