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Enable the creation of future highly autonomous unmanned systems and permit those systems to effectively conduct military operations in mixed environments.

Overview Briefing

FY12 Annual Program Plan

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Contact Information

Collaborative Alliance Manager:
Dr. Jonathan Bornstein
(410) 278-3737

Consortium Manager:
Mr. Dilip Patel
(410) 876-9200

Research Area Technical Objectives

  • Perception - Perceive and understand dynamic and unknown environments, including creation of a comprehensive model of the surrounding world.
  • Intelligence - Autonomously plan and execute military missions; readily adapt to changing environments and scenarios; learn from prior experience; share common understanding with team members.
  • Human-Robot Interaction - Seamlessly integrate unmanned systems into military and civilian society.
  • Dexterous Manipulation and Unique Mobility - Manipulate objects with near-human dexterity and maneuver through 3-D environments.

Consortium Members

  • General Dynamics Robotic Systems
  • Carnegie Mellon University
  • Florida A&M University
  • University of Central Florida
  • University of Pennsylvania
  • Boston Dynamics
  • QinetiQ North America
  • Cal Tech/Jet Propulsion Lab

Last Update / Reviewed: May 2, 2013