IMPRINT Training

IMPRINT training is available in two forms; classroom style via the IMPRINT Workshop and self paced via tutorials and quick start guides.

IMPRINT Workshop

The IMPRINT Workshop will provide a more detailed overview of IMPRINT Pro and provide students with several hands-on opportunities to use the tool. The course agenda will include:

  • A detailed review of steps necessary to build an IMPRINT analysis
  • Advanced Workload, or Multiple Resource Theory (MRT) methodology
  • Using Personnel, Training and Stressor (PTS) performance moderators
  • Define Equipment (or the Maintenance Model) overview
  • Define Force overview
  • Using Goal Orientation
  • Advanced Modeling Techniques

In addition to these topics, students will get several opportunities to use the tool, including almost a full-day practice exercise in which they will be given a problem and asked to develop an operational mission model to help address the problem. This large exercise will not only provide students with a chance to become more familiar with using IMPRINT Pro and building task network models, but also to learn the process for performing human systems integration analyses and how IMPRINT fits in to that process.

IMPRINT Workshops are held in Boulder, CO. If interested in attending future courses, please email subject TRAINING for the next available date.

Self Paced Learning

Once IMPRINT is installed, users have access to tutorials, quick start guides and the user manuals. The tutorials are power-point shows that take you step-by-step through constructing a Missions model and an Equipment model. The quick start guides are flow charts that walk you through the steps of building missions and equipment models. The user guides give in-depth details of IMPRINT and all of its components. Below are links to the tutorials, quick start guides and user manuals for IMPRINT Pro.


Last Update / Reviewed: September 1, 2010