U.S. Army Research Laboratory celebrates 25 years, honors award recipients at gala

ADELPHI, Md. (Nov. 20, 2017) -- The U.S. Army Research Laboratory, the Army's corporate laboratory, recently culminated its year-long 25th anniversary celebration and honored members of its workforce at the ARL Honorary Award and 25th Anniversary Gala held at Martin's West in Baltimore, Maryland.

"Since 1995, we have come together annually to celebrate and recognize the individual and collective achievements of the laboratory's scientists, engineers, analysts, technicians, operations and administrative staff," said ARL Director Dr. Philip Perconti. "Their hard work over the past year exemplifies the extraordinary professionalism and dedication that our laboratory demonstrates every day toward achieving our vision to be the nation's premier laboratory for land forces."

In addition to the Honorary Awards, the ARL Early Career Award was also presented at the gala to Dr. Blair C. Connelly.

This year was special for the lab, as it also celebrated its 25th anniversary with a year-long series of events and initiatives to include a guest speaker series, time capsule ceremony, anniversary publications, internal employee engagement activities and external engagements with partners in academia and industry.

"This year was extremely special for the ARL Family, because we took some time to celebrate our 25th anniversary as a premier laboratory at the forefront of scientific discovery and innovation," Perconti said. "Over these 25 years, ARL has provided the Army and its Soldiers with research and analysis expertise and capabilities that touch on several areas of scientific endeavor. This effort has contributed to the development of better capabilities for our Soldiers, and as we begin to turn our focus to the Army of 2050, will provide the Army with the technical leadership it needs to ensure it can win whenever it is called upon."

Photos from the ARL Honorary Awards are available for viewing and download at the ARL Flickr page.

2017 ARL Annual Honorary Award Winners

ARL Award for Administrative Excellence

  • Dr. Gregory A. Lieberman, HRED
  • Lisa M. Holbrook, HRED

ARL Award for Analysis

  • Riannon M. Hazell, HRED

ARL Award for Community Service

  • Dr. David R. Baker, SEDD

ARL Award for Diversity

  • Bruce R. Geil, SEDD

ARL Award for Engineering

  • Daniel M. Baechle, WMRD
  • Alex Michlin, WMRD
  • Timothy L. Brosseau, WMRD
  • Zachary Wingard, WMRD

ARL Award for Laboratory Operations

  • Scott B. Moore, SEDD

ARL Award for Leadership

  • Norman D. Comer, SLAD

ARL Award for Outstanding Supervisor

  • Dr. Stuart H. Young, CISD

ARL Award for Partnering

  • Dr. Christopher M. Hocut, CISD
  • Dr. Andre K. Pattantyus (post doc)
  • Dr. Yansen Wang, CISD
  • Robert O. Brice, CISD
  • Edward D. Creegan, CISD
  • Michael S. D'Arcy, CISD
  • Jeffrey S. Swanson, CISD

ARL Award for Partnering

  • Dr. Chol-Bum M. Kweon, VTD
  • Dr. Michael T. Szedlmayer, VTD
  • Dr. Kenneth S. Kim, VTD
  • Dr. Jacob E. Temme, VTD
  • Kurt M. Kruger (contractor)
  • David J. Gondol (contractor)
  • Richard B. Gerdom (contractor)
  • Bernard N. Acker, AMRDEC
  • Curtis J. Stevens, AMRDEC
  • Joseph A. Gibson, AMRDEC
  • Christopher A. Lindsey, AMRDEC
  • Rik D. Meininger, AMRDEC (contractor)
  • Khanh Q. Dang, AMRDEC
  • William G. Barnwell, AMRDEC
  • Andrew V. Giddings, PM, UAS PMO (contractor)
  • Marshall R. Musser, UAS PMO (contractor)

ARL Award for Program Management

  • Ronald G. Wardell, SEDD

ARL Award for Publication

  • Dr. John D. Clayton, WMRD

ARL Award for Research Management

  • Dr. Chakrapani V. Varanasi, ARO

ARL Award for Science

  • Dr. Conrad Kang Xu, SEDD
  • Oleg A. Borodin, SEDD
  • Dr. Arthur von Wald Cresce, SEDD
  • Dr. Michael S. Ding, SEDD
  • Dr. Janet S. Ho, SEDD
  • Fei Wang (contractor)
  • Dr. Marshall A. Schroeder (contractor)

ARL Award for Technician

  • Thomas E. Braswell, WMRD

ARL Award for Lifetime Achievement

  • Dr. Paul H. Shen, SEDD (retired)

Did you know?


The Harry Diamond Laboratories, another predecessor organization to ARL, developed methods and devices in the mid-fifties to early sixties to lay down circuits, first on boards and later on silicon "chips" using photographic methods. This work, which was originally performed as a means to build gun-rugged electronics for artillery fuzes, was the genesis of both our printed circuit boards and our microelectronic devices/integrated circuits industries. HDL held many of the original patents in this area including three seminal patents on the masking processes and the step-and-repeat camera by which such devices are manufactured.