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  1. U.S. Army Research Laboratory celebrates 25 years, honors award recipients at gala

    ARL culminated its year-long 25th anniversary celebration and honored members of its workforce at the ARL Honorary Award and 25th Anniversary Gala held at Martin's West in Baltimore, Maryland, Nov. 9.

  2. Laboratory hosts time capsule ceremony to commemorate anniversary

    ARL recently held a time capsule ceremony to celebrate 25 years of excellence in Army science and technology.

  3. U.S. Army Research Laboratory announces new partnership

    The U.S. Army Research Laboratory announced new partnerships with the University of Chicago and other regional universities formally establishing ARL Central.

  4. Army Research Laboratory seeks strong partnerships at open house event

    The U.S. Army Research Laboratory kicked off a two-day open house by hosting more than 300 representatives from industry and academia to foster future partnerships.

  5. Memories that Matter: Dr. Ed Brown

    The former Chief of the ARL Special Projects Office, Dr. Ed Brown, reflects on the history of the laboratory, its purpose, and one of his contributions to the organization: Ask Dr. Ed.

  6. Army completes autonomous micro-robotics research program

    After nearly 10 years of collaborative research from the Army, industry and academia, the Micro Autonomous Systems and Technology, or MAST, concludes during a three-day capstone event of presentations and demonstrations of both ground and air micro-robots.

  7. Perconti named director of ARL

    The Department of the Army officially announced that Dr. Philip Perconti will be the fifth Director of the U.S. Army Research Laboratory.

  8. Memories that Matter: Ballistics Research Laboratory

    Former employees from ARL's predecessor, the Ballistics Research Laboratory celebrate 25 years of excellence in Army science and technology.

  9. Army showcases latest technologies at 2017 DOD Lab Day

    Scientists and engineers from research laboratories across the Department of Defense gathered at the Pentagon on May 18 to showcase their innovative technologies at the second DOD Lab Day.

  10. Supercomputers save lives, money for Army

    In the past few weeks, computer scientists and technicians unboxed and installed two powerful new supercomputers at the U.S. Army Research Laboratory.

  11. Army Research Laboratory team earns environmental award

    The Secretary of the Army Environmental Award goes to the Army Research Laboratory for environmental excellence in weapons system acquisition small program.

  12. ARL bids farewell to director of the Human Research and Engineering Directorate

    The U.S. Army Research Laboratory bids farewell to Dr. Laurel Allender, director of the Human Research and Engineering Directorate at a retirement ceremony held at the Myer Auditorium at Aberdeen Proving Ground, Maryland, on April 25, 2017.

  13. ARL's 25 years of excellence featured in Army magazine

    In celebration of 25 years of excellence in Army science and technology, the U.S. Army Research Laboratory is featured in the April issue of Army Magazine, a publication of the Association of the United States Army.

  14. Local girl's school visits home of ENIAC - first computer

    ARL's DOD Supercomputing Research Center hosted a visit for a group of 11th grade students from The Catholic High School of Baltimore on International Women's Day, March 8.

  15. WIAMan program celebrates milestone

    ARL and its partners at Johns Hopkins Univ. Applied Physics Lab held a ceremony Feb. 22 to celebrate a milestone in the Warrior Injury Assessment Manikin, or WIAMan program with the completion of the biofidelity testing series.

  16. ARL Network Science Research Laboratory Virtual Tour

    Take a glimpse into ARL's Network Science Research Laboratory, a facility that is dedicated to exploring network science challenges with in-person research collaboration at the Adelphi Laboratory Center.

  17. Memories that Matter: Autonomy

    Retired researcher Dr. Jon Bornstein reflects on the beginning of Army experiments with vehicle autonomy.

  18. ARL marks 25th anniversary with full year initiative

    In October 2017, ARL will commemorate 25 years of collaboration and innovation resulting in world-changing contributions of science, technology and analysis to the Department of the Army.

Did you know?

The Computer

The Ballistics Research Laboratory, a predecessor organization to ARL, invented and developed the first multipurpose, electronic, programmable computer in conjunction with the University of Pennsylvania Moore School of Engineering. The ENIAC (Electronic Numerical Integrator And Calculator) was developed at the end of WWII originally to speed the calculation of artillery firing tables, but it became the progenitor of all the computers that we use today, from mainframes to laptops.