Simulations Varying Projectile Sabot Front-Bell Stiffness and its Effect on Dispersion.

Report No. ARL-MR-506
Authors: Erline, Thomas F.
Date/Pages: January 2001; 34 pages
Abstract: This report extends the results of XM881 dispersion modeling done previously by changing the front-bell spring stiffness. The models studied show the effect on dispersion of the XM88 1 when changing the sabot front-bell stiffness by a power of 10 softer and stiffer. These two modified cases are compared to the nominal case. The basis for this work comes from modeling and experimenting. All mathematical modeling results come from the BALANS program a finite element lumped-parameter code that has the capability to model a projectile being fired from a gun. This program also has the unique feature of an automated statistical evaluation of dispersion. This study shows that softening the sabot front bell has more of an effect on dispersion.
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