Accuracy and Railguns

Report No. ARL-TR-2392
Authors: Alexander E. Zielinski
Date/Pages: February 2001; 27 pages
Abstract: Assessment of accuracy is dominated by a detailed experimental investigation of the launch and flight performance of a launcher and round. This assessment is commonly called a jump test. To evaluate the path of the round as it accelerates down the launcher, exits the barrel, and flies downrange to the target, single-shot firings are conducted. In the most recent test, integrated launch packages (ILPs) were launched at an exit velocity of 1,350 m/s. The test provides for the only set of accuracy data available in the world on EM gun-launched projectiles. The impact data show larger variability in the vertical direction than in the horizontal direction. Results from the jump test indicate that effects of the deviation of the launcher centerline (i.e., straightness) contribute significantly to the target impact dispersion. Substantial linear and angular rates at the muzzle are evident in the vertical direction. The contribution attributable to sabot discard is minimal in either plane.
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Last Update / Reviewed: February 1, 2001