Gunner Tracking Models for th BFVS-A-3 Combat Vehicle

Report No. ARL-TR-2588
Authors: Patrick E. Corcoran
Date/Pages: November 2001; 47 pages
Abstract: During fiscal year 2000, efforts continued to develop improved gunner tracking models for the U.S. Army Research Laboratory's Combat Vehicle Engineering Simulation (CVES). By the proper selection of input, CVES can be used to determine the fire control performance of either a conceptual or specific combat vehicle. CVES has been configured to model the M1A1 combat tank and the A3 version of the Bradley fighting vehicle system (BFVS-A3). CVES contains engineering models of the fire control system, chassis, suspension, and the gunner. This effort addresses the gunner models for the BFVS-A3 CVES. Gunner models were developed via the interactive system identification algorithms from the MATRIXx(registered) software package, along with measured gunner tracking error and gunner handle position data. Tracking error is the gunner's input and handle position is the gunner's Output. The resulting gunner tracking models are shown to be more accurate than the existing gunner tracking models used in CVES. These new models were installed in CVES, and it was then shown that the CVES is an accurate simulation for predicting the fire control performance of the BFVS-A3.
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