Three-Dimensional Modeling of the Detonation of a Munitions Stack and the Loading on an Adjacent Stack Protected by a Water Barricade

Report No. ARL-TR-2493
Authors: Richard E. Lottero
Date/Pages: May 2001; 49 pages
Abstract: This report describes the results of three-dimensional (3-D) hydrocode computations modeling the detonation of a donor munitions stack and the loading on and response of a protective water barricade and a nearby acceptor munitions stack. The first 3-D computation was fully coupled, with the detonating donor stack, the barricade, and the acceptor stack munitions stack all simulated in the flow field. Numerical instabilities forced a stoppage of the computation before the loading cycle on the acceptor stack was complete. A second 3-D computation that included only the barricade and acceptor stack, each assigned initial translational velocities equal to those from the first 3-D computation, was run through nearly all of the loading cycle on the acceptor stack, at which time it also stopped because of numerical instabilities. The results of these combined 3-D computations are compared with those from earlier two-dimensional (2-D) computations for the same geometry.
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Last Update / Reviewed: May 1, 2001