Direct Deposition of Low Resistance Thermally Stable Ohmic Contacts to n-SIC

Report No. ARL-TR-2534
Authors: M. W. Cole, P. C. Joshi, M. H. Ervin, J. D. Demaree, M. C. Wood, C. W. Hubbard, and J. K. Hirvonen
Date/Pages: June 2001; 18 pages
Abstract: Ni2Si Ohmic contacts were fabricated via pulsed laser deposition on n-SIC. The contacts' electrical, structural, compositional, and surface morphological properties were investigated as a function of annealing temperatures ranging from 700 to 950 degrees C. The as-deposited and 700 degrees C annealed contacts were non-Ohmic. Annealing at 950 degrees C yielded excellent Ohmic behavior, an abrupt void-free interface, and a smooth surface morphology. No residual carbon was present within the contact metallization or a the contact-SIC interface, and the contact showed no appreciable thickness increase as a result of the annealing process. Our results demonstrate that aside from maintaining the desirable electrical integrity associated with Ni and Ni/Si Ohmic contacts, the Ni2Si Ohmic contacts possesed improved interfacial, compositional, microstructural, and surface properties which are required for reliable high temperature and high power device operation.
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