Measurement of V50 Behavior of a Nylon 6-Based Polymer-Layered Silicate Nanocomposite

Report No. ARL-TR-2605
Authors: David Ostermayer, Frederick L. Beyer, Peter G. Dehmer, and Melissa A. Klusewitz
Date/Pages: September 2001; 29 pages
Abstract: The performance under ballistic impact conditions of a nylon 6-based polymer-layered silicate (PLS) nanocomposite was examined using a V50 test. The commercially available nanocomposites contained approximately 2.5-wt.% montmorillonite clay mineral and were fabricated by in situ polymerization of ε-caprolactam in the presence of an organosilicate clay mineral. The velocity at which 50% of 0.22-cal. fragment simulator projectiles penetrated the unmodified nylon 6 and 0.5-mm aluminum witness plate (V50) was determined to be 436 ft/s. The PLS nanocomposite nylon 6-clay hybrid was found to have a V50 of 338 ft/s. Therefore, it was found that the addition of the layered silicate clay mineral filler did not improve the impact properties of nylon 6 under these conditions.
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