Design Procedure for a Frequency-Scanned Wave Antenna, Part I: Air-Filled Waveguide

Report No. ARL-TR-791
Authors: William Coburn and Wasyl Wasylkiwskyj
Date/Pages: September 2001; 73 pages
Abstract: A leaky waveguide antenna is investigated through a combination of theoretical analysis and numerical simulation. We developed a design procedure based on the analysis of Goldstone and Oliner for an aperture in the narrow wall of a rectangular waveguide. We can phase scan the antenna by adjusting the propagation constant of the guiding structure, and we can frequency scan it by taking advantage of frequency dispersive behavior. A combination of frequency and phase scanning can be used to steer the beam. We describe how the aperture illumination function is synthesized for a constant width aperture and we present the design equations. We use a numerical simulation of the leaky waveguide section to obtain the radiation efficiency. We then calculate the realized gain to evaluate the frequency scan range and radiation pattern characteristics. The results demonstrate that the main beam position can be scanned in the range of 10 degree to 30 degree from broadside over a narrow frequency range without corrupting the radiation pattern.
Distribution: Approved for public release
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