Agent-Based Modeling of a Network-Centric Battle Team Operating Within an Information Operations Environment

Report No. ARL-TR-2913
Authors: Brian G. Ruth and J. Dana Eckart
Date/Pages: February 2003; 130 pages
Abstract: A model developed to analyze the emergent behavior of a network-centric battle team undergoing hostile information operations (IO) stress events is presented. Networked battlefield platforms are modeled as mobile semiautonomous agents that operate within a cellular automata (CA) lattice. The CA form a discrete spatially extended dynamical system consisting of a parallel networked lattice of computational cells in two dimensions. A software framework that combines CA-based agents with a genetic algorithm was developed in order to explore the dynamics of two opposing but "coevolving" units of networked combat agents. Simulation results using two variants of the CA-based combat agent model, both of which include IO stress in the form of radio frequency communications jamming, are analyzed and discussed.
Distribution: Approved for public release
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