Specimen Alignment Technique for Oblique-Impact Shock Physics Experiments

Report No. ARL-TN-248
Authors: Tim Cline
Date/Pages: November 2005; 26 pages
Abstract: The Impact Physics Branch of the U.S. Army Research Laboratory operates a high pressure gas gun for shock physics research. One of the key types of experiments that are routinely performed with this facility is an oblique-impact experiment where the impacting face of the projectile and the target material are both oriented at an angle to the gun axis. This is done to obtain simultaneous pressure and shear during the experiment. To achieve this capability, a groove has been cut along the bottom of the gun bore for the entire length of the gun tube. This groove enables a projectile with a small protrusion, or key, to travel the length of the gun without rotating, permitting an angled front face of the projectile to properly impact a pre-aligned target. Precise alignment of the target with the angled front of the projectile is critical for a successful experiment. This technical note provides a detailed procedure for performing target alignment during oblique-impact experiments.
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