XM982 155-mm Artillery Projectile Container Support System: Finite-Element Model Development and Analysis

Report No. ARL-TR-3619
Authors: Michael Minnicino
Date/Pages: September 2005; 36 pages
Abstract: The XM982 Excalibur container support system is intended to protect the Excalibur munition during transportation by mitigating shock and vibration loadings in addition to performing other functions such as supplementing insensitive munition capabilities. The development of a finite-element (FE) model is a valuable tool for investigating design modifications to the container-foam support system without the need for expensive experimental tests. The FE model facilitates the determination of any design issues and provides insight for future design iterations. The FE model also enables the estimation of the loading conditions the Excalibur munition experiences during drop and vibration events. The focus of this report is the containermunition system response due to container-base-down (CBD) drop events as specified by International Test Operations Procedure. Of the CBD drop events, the 2.1-m CBD, commonly called the 7-ft CBD drop, test is considered the most severe and is investigated in this effort. The developed FE model results compares well to experimental data only after significantly altering the foam stress-strain curves to account for the strain-rate effects.
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