Developing a High-Resolution Tile Display Based on Commodity Components

Report No. ARL-TR-3640
Authors: Richard C. Angelini
Date/Pages: September 2005; 36 pages
Abstract: The advent of powerful, low-cost desktop computers is changing the way computational scientists visualize the results of their calculations. Traditionally, only the least complex data sets could be analyzed at the local desktop, while large, time-dependent data sets required the use of high-end graphics servers to visualize the results. Today, we can analyze the results of very large computations that were previous unimaginable on the desktop, and in some cases, the graphics subsystem in new desktop workstations can outperform dedicated visualization servers. However, in many cases, scientists are now computing more than they can practically represent on their traditional desktop display monitor. The challenge presented is to effectively represent a high-performance computing-sized computational domain in a typical 1280 ? 1024 display, or develop a high resolution, costeffective display technology.
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Last Update / Reviewed: September 1, 2005