A Study of Projectile Response to Ballistics Environment

Report No. ARL-TR-3672
Authors: Stephen E. Ray, Michael J. Nusca, James F. Newill
Date/Pages: November 2005; 24 pages
Abstract: The U.S. Army Research Laboratory?s interior ballistics code, ARL-NGEN3, is a state-of-the-art modeling tool providing interior ballistics predictions and flowfield simulations of the ignition, flamespreading, and combustion of solid-propellant charges used to launch projectiles from guns. Modern solid mechanics codes such as DYNA3D and EPIC can complement the ARL-NGEN3 code by providing a capability to predict the mechanical response of the projectile to the unsteady, high-pressure environment within the gun chamber. This report presents results from an ongoing effort to couple the ARL-NGEN3 code to these solid mechanics codes. The test problem involves a notional gun ammunition concept in which the projectile afterbody ?telescopes? or intrudes significantly into the gun chamber that houses the solid propellant charge. Results from the ARL-NGEN3 simulation are shown, and they indicate that large pressure waves move radially and, more significantly, axially through the combustion chamber during propellant ignition. Results from EPIC and DYNA simulations, which utilize the ARL-NGEN3 pressure data and predict material response, are compared; good agreement between the codes is demonstrated. Results are also presented from studies using the EPIC code for several different internal projectile configurations.
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