Microphysical Influences on Electro-Optic Signal Propagation in Complex Areas

Report No. ARL-MR-0633
Authors: Arnold Tunick and Gary Carhart
Date/Pages: December 2005; 24 pages
Abstract: This paper presents a finite-difference computer model to predict the microphysical influences on electro-optic signal propagation in complex areas, e.g., around single and multiple building arrays and forests. The model incorporates physicsbased algorithms to account for advection, the pressure gradient, eddy diffusion, and drag forces due to vegetation (e.g., open fields or forests). Note that mechanisms to account for heating, cooling, and moisture flux are not included at this time. Our main concern is to maintain a computationally efficient program code that is also flexible with regard to modifications and debugging. This allows us to apply the computer model to different kinds of tests. Nevertheless, we anticipate that this research will contribute much useful information related to laser optic signal propagation such as the impact of buildings and forests on future optical turbulence (Cn2) calculations.
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