Base Pressure Computations of the DERA Generic

Report No. ARL-TR-3653 - Errata
Authors: James DeSpirito
Date/Pages: September 2005; 29 pages
Abstract: Computational fluid dynamic simulations were used to compute the aerodynamic coefficients of a body-alone missile and a planar fin missile in the presence of a wind tunnel sting. The investigation was an extension to a previous investigation in which the computed forebody axial force did not compare well with experimental wind tunnel data, while all other forces and moments showed excellent agreement. The current investigation showed that the computed results are accurate, predicting the total axial force to within 5% of the experimental values. The results indicate that the discrepancy in the forebody axial force is due to an inaccurate experimental base pressure measurement.
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Last Update / Reviewed: September 1, 2005