Scalable Coupling of Multiscale AEH and PARADYN Analyses for Impact

Report No. ARL-TR-3512
Authors: Rama R. Valisetty, Peter W. Chung, and Raju R. Namburu
Date/Pages: June 2005; 44 pages
Abstract: This report describes scalable coupling of two stand-alone computer codes for a multiscale impact analysis of composites. An asymptotic expansion homogenization (AEH)-based microstructural model available for modeling microstructural aspects of modern armor materials is coupled with PARADYN, a parallel explicit Lagrangian finite-element code. The first code enables modeling of a material microstructure and provides material response in terms of global structural response at a material integration point. Microstructural codes such as this one are typically used in stand-alone form and applied in simple loading situations. The coupling provided here enables a micro/macro type multiscale analysis under generalized three-dimensional loading conditions. Three sets of results are presented to demonstrate: (1) the verification of the AEH-PARADYN model coupling to PARADYN, (2) the scalability of the coupled model, and (3) an application for modeling the impact response of armor materials. In the present work, a consistent AEH numerical formulation was selected that was earlier shown to be scalable on different computing architectures. In conjunction with a second-order accurate velocity-based explicit time integration method, the formulation is coupled within the message-passing interface scheme of PARADYN. PARADYN is a scalable version of the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory?s serial DYNA3D explicit Lagrangian finite-element code used for obtaining large deformation, elastic/plastic response of structures.
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