A Measurement of the Neutron and Gamma Transmission of a Protective Vest

Report No. ARL-TR-3545
Authors: Samuel F. Trevino
Date/Pages: July 2005; 18 pages
Abstract: The thermal (meV) and energetic (MeV) neutron transmission of a protective vest is measured. The vest is provided by the National Ground Intelligence Center. The energetic neutron transmission of 0.51 (0.025) was measured with the neutrons from an AmBe source. The thermal neutron transmission of 0.0034 (0.00017) was measured with the neutron activated prompt gamma instrument Prompt Gamma Activation Analysis. The numbers in parentheses are one standard deviation. Both of these instruments are located at the National Institute for Standards and Technology Center for Neutron Research. Additionally, the following isotopes were found, by delayed gamma emissions after neutron adsorption, to exist in the sample: 66Cu, 56Mn 24Na 65Zn, and 60Co. Quantitative amounts of these were not determined. No nuclei specific for neutron protection (boron, lithium, and cadmium) are found in sufficient quantities for the purpose. The gamma ray transmission of the sample is also measured. Several natural radioactive sources producing gamma rays in the energy range from 60 to 1250 keV are used. The transmission varies from ~0.6 to 1 for the lowest to the highest energy gamma rays.
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