Application of Computational Fluid Dynamics to a Monoplane Fixed-Wing Missile With Elliptic Cross Sections

Report No. ARL-TR-3549
Authors: Karen Heavey and Jubaraj Sahu
Date/Pages: July 2005; 38 pages
Abstract: This report describes a computational study undertaken to investigate the performance of the CFD++ flow solver for prediction of nonlinear aerodynamics of a complex finned missile using structured hexahedral and unstructured tetrahedral grids. A monoplane fixed-wing missile with elliptic cross sections provided a geometrically complex model. Numerical solutions were obtained for this configuration at supersonic speed for various roll orientations, angles of attack, and jaw angles. Steady-state solutions were obtained using a three-dimensional Reynolds-Averaged Navier-Stokes solver with a two-equation turbulence model. Numerical results show the qualitative features of the flow fields at various cross-sectional and streamwise positions along the computational model of the missile. Aerodynamic coefficients were extracted from the computed solutions and found to match well with the available experimental data for these configurations. These numerical results show the effectiveness of using computational fluid dynamics techniques to produce an accurate prediction of the aerodynamics of geometrically complete configurations.
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