Evaluation of Carbon Nanotube Thin Films for Optically Transparent Microwave Applications Using On-Wafer Probing of Corbino Disc Test Structures

Report No. ARL-TR-6362
Authors: Ryan C. Toonen; Julia B. Doggett; S. Gary Hirsch; Mathew P. Ivill; Eric H. Ngo; Clifford W. Hubbard; Henning Richter; Ramesh Sivarajan
Date/Pages: March 2013; 28 pages
Abstract: We present a generalized technique, involving the on-wafer probing of Corbino disc test structures, for conveniently evaluating conducting films of arbitrary thickness in terms of complex conductivity and related physical parameters. Using this method, we have electrically characterized partially transparent carbon nanotube thin films at DC and microwave frequencies (including the L-, S- and C-bands). Test structures with disc iameters ranging from ~50 µm to 500 µm and disc-to-concentric-ring gaps ranging from ~30 µm to 150 µm were investigated at temperatures ranging from (295.85 ± 0.62) K to (396.75 ± 0.72) K. Additionally, we characterized the thin film in terms of its room emperature optical transmission, at wavelengths ranging from 200 to 2500 nm, in order to evaluate this material as an optically transparent microwave conductor.
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