Projectile Roll Dynamics and Control With a Low-Cost Skid-to-Turn Maneuver System

Report No. ARL-TR-6363
Authors: Frank Fresconi; Ilmars Celmins; Mark Ilg; James Maley
Date/Pages: March 2013; 54 pages
Abstract: A low-cost maneuver control system was successfully developed to provide enhanced maneuverability of gun-launched munitions. The unique environment and aspects of the system are described. Electromechanical design of the maneuver system was undertaken. Laboratory experiments were conducted to ensure survivability at gun launch and characterize the response. Aerodynamics and flight mechanics of the projectile roll behavior and actuator dynamics were formulated. These nonlinear dynamics were expressed in a linear state-space model for controllability, control design, and stability analysis. Roll response was investigated through nonlinear simulation and wind tunnel experiments. Monte Carlo simulations illustrate suitable performance of the maneuver control system. Experiments further validate the unique projectile maneuver technology and approach, reveal nonideal characteristics of the system, and verify modeling and simulation.
Distribution: Approved for public release
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