Tactical Airspace Integration System Situation Awareness Integration Into the Cockpit: Phase II

Report No. ARL-TR-6371
Authors: Michael Sage Jessee; Anthony Morris
Date/Pages: March 2013; 56 pages
Abstract: Phase II of the Tactical Airspace Integration System (TAIS) Situation Awareness (SA) integration into the cockpit Crew Station Working Group was conducted 19—20 January 2010 in support of the Product Manager, Air Traffic Control. Four experienced U.S. Army rotary wing pilots from a government and contractor consortium were selected as the user group. A series of three vignettes were flown in a generic cockpit representing analog capabilities with the support of an electronic data manager. The pilots were briefed to fly an air movement of troops from the pickup zone to the landing zone and return to the assembly area. Throughout the missions, dynamic airspace events were introduced into the cockpit. Results indicated that with the integration of information pertaining to dynamic airspace updates, the overall aircrew (particularly the copilot) experienced a reduction in workload, a decrease in visual workload, and an increase in SA. Consequently, these data indicated that, within increasingly congested airspace, integrating dynamic airspace information into the cockpit should be taken as a minimal effort to reduce the risk of fratricide and controlled flight into terrain.
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