Computer Simulations: A Tool to Predict Experimental Parameters with Cold Atoms

Report No. ARL-TR-6420
Authors: Violeta Prieto, Jason Alexander, Christopher Rowlett, William Golding, and Patricia Lee
Date/Pages: April 2013; 30 pages
Abstract: Computer simulations are commonly used in the laboratory to support, facilitate, or optimize the experimental process. We present the use of two different software packages, COMSOL and LiveAtom, and explain how they assist us through the experimental procedure. Both programs perform finite element analysis to solve partial differential equations. COMSOL is a multiphysics simulation software that is very powerful and particularly useful for solving and visualizing physical problems. LiveAtom was specifically designed to work with cold atom systems and atom chips, and is already able to compute their key properties. We simulate our experimental parameters by combining the results of the two programs.
Distribution: Approved for public release
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