Method and Apparatus for Precisely Applying Large Planar Equi-Biaxial Strains to a Circular Membrane

Report No. ARL-TR-6432
Authors: Geoffrey A. Slipher
Date/Pages: April 2013; 30 pages
Abstract: This report describes the design, operation, and performance assessment of an apparatus, whereby a planar equi-biaxial strain may be applied to a circular membrane in a precisely controlled and repeatable manner. The strained state may be held indefinitely to enable the study of mechanical creep and other phenomena while the membrane remains attached to the apparatus. The apparatus is also capable of removing the sample for further experimentation without losing the strained state. Circular area strains may be accurately controlled between 0% and in excess of 600%, with a minimum resolution of 0.003% applied area strain. This report also describes the methodology that was used to design the apparatus as well as an analysis of its performance. Appropriate material samples to be considered using the as-built apparatus described herein are planar circular membranes that have a nominal Youngs modulus on the order of tens of megapascals or less and a nominal thickness up to ~1 mm.
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