Brain Structure-Function Couplings: Year 2 Accomplishments and Programmatic Plans

Report No. ARL-SR-0268
Authors: J. M. Vettel, M. Vindiola, A. Dagro, P. J. McKee, R. H. Kraft, K. McDowell, and P. J. Franaszczuk
Date/Pages: June 2013; 14 pages
Abstract: Research on brain structure-function couplings is a new topic area for the U.S. Army Research Laboratory (ARL), and the initial seed funding for the area was obtained in FY11 from ARLs Director's Strategic Initiative (DSI) program. This basic (6.1) neuroscience research effort aims to develop a multidisciplinary, multiscale understanding of the relationship between the brain's physical structure, its dynamic neurophysiological functioning, and human behavior. One of the broad, far-reaching science goals of this initiative is to understand the set of circumstances under which individual differences in brain structure can be leveraged to account for or predict variability in brain function or task performance at varying time scales. This required report summarizes Year 2 accomplishments and programmatic plans, and it was written for senior executives and managers to identify how this research area will transition from its third and final year of DSI funding to ARL core mission or customer funding.
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