Generation of Ballistic Meteorological Messages - Surface to Surface (METB3s) from Computer Meteorological Messages (METCMs)

Report No. ARL-TN-0550
Authors: James Cogan and David Sauter
Date/Pages: July 2013; 28 pages
Abstract: The armed forces of many North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) members and other nations have used ballistic meteorological (MET) messages for surface to surface trajectories (METB3s) for many decades. It was developed before users had ready access to computers on the battlefield and is normally applied in a manual mode. The later computer MET message (METCM) came into use, as the name implies, after the advent of battlefield computers and continues to be widely used. Some newer artillery MET systems no longer generate METB3s since modern fire control systems use METCMs, and in some NATO nations, the more recent gridded MET message (METGM). Nevertheless, for certain applications and as a backup, there is a requirement to be able to produce a METB3 from a METCM generated locally or transmitted from another artillery MET system. This report briefly discusses a program that converts a METCM into a METB3, which can be applied to specific systems with appropriate modifications, and outlines a modified version for a handheld device. The program applies methods found in available field manuals and NATO publications. Some of the algorithms embodied in the program were extracted from a similar spreadsheet-based method developed at the Armament Research, Development and Engineering Center (ARDEC).
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