Plate-Impact Measurements of a Select Model Poly(urethane urea) Elastomer

Report No. ARL-TR-6482
Authors: Daniel T. Casem; Alex J. Hsieh
Date/Pages: June 2013; 16 pages
Abstract: Plate-impact experiments were conducted to highlight the high-pressure, high-strain-rate response of a select model poly(urethane urea) (PUU) elastomer impacted against stationary soda lime glass target plates. The dynamic stress-strain behavior reveals that the stress level reaches 0.672 and 3.042 GPa at impact velocities of 298 and 998 m/s, respectively. The PUU is partially unloaded in four successive steps after the initial compression at the impact velocity of 298 m/s and three successive steps at 998 m/s. Thus, data is obtained along the Hugoniot and along the release path. The release path and the Hugoniot coincide over the range of pressures studied.
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