Summer Research Technical Report

Report No. ARL-TN-0565
Authors: Jason G. Seik*
Date/Pages: September 2013; 18 pages
Abstract: Weather can have severe impacts on military personnel and the outcomes of military operations. The "My Weather Impacts Decision Aid" (MyWIDA) is being developed to determine the impact of severe weather on military operations, which requires a set of rules to reference when determining impact severity. Currently, it has only two trigger points for determining severe weathers impact on military operations. An extrapolated curve based on empirical data that could be used to give more discrete trigger points is being researched. This would allow for more accuracy when determining the impact severity of weather on military operations. Currently, the curve is estimated to be linear but further studies are required before that assumption can be finalized.

A program is being developed to weigh all parameters, so that the user can select which ones are more important. This program is referred to as the Impact Magnitude Gradation Scheme (IMGS) and is also intended to use the extrapolated curve and compare data sets with one another—so that the user can easily establish which military force has a greater combat advantage based on current and forecast weather. Initial runs of the program show promise, but more research is required before release for official use.
Distribution: Approved for public release
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