Second Generation Weather Impacts Decision Aid Applications and Web Services

Report No. ARL-TR-6525
Authors: James Brandt, Leelinda Dawson, Jeffrey Johnson, Stephen Kirby, David Marlin, David Sauter, Richard Shirkey, Jeffrey Swanson, Richard Szymber, and Subing Zeng
Date/Pages: July 2013; 48 pages
Abstract: Military operations and weapon systems are adversely affected to some extent by the environment, even those advertised as "all weather capable." In an effort to simplify the manner in which environmental impacts on weapon systems are determined, the My Weather Impacts Decision Aid (MyWIDA) was developed. This report documents the second generation (GEN II) of weather effects decision aids, MyWIDA, a sophisticated, rules-based expert system based on thousands of identified (and validated) weather sensitivities of Army, Air Force, Navy, Marine, and threat weapons systems and tactical operations. GEN II automatically ingests multi-day weather forecasts which are compared with system engineering limitations (rules) and identifies and provides favorable, marginal, and unfavorable weather-effects impacts in the form of a stop light chart overlaid on a map background in a four-dimensional format for the user to examine. GEN II may be tailored to specific tactical operations and missions providing detailed weather impacts information in terms of what operations and equipment are affected. GEN II also includes the Automated Impacts Routing (AIR) application, which calculates least cost paths for a user-selected system type (aircraft or ground vehicle) given a set of two or more waypoints.
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