Real-Time Visualization System for Computational Offloading

Report No. ARL-TN-0655
Authors: Bryan Dawson and David L Doria
Date/Pages: January 2015; 22 pages
Abstract: In recent years, the availability and sophistication of mobile computing devices has advanced incredibly. The power of these new devices warrants an exploration of their potential use in tactical environments. Unfortunately, no single device is powerful enough carry out the many computational tasks that will be required on the battlefield. To overcome this limitation, we have started to develop strategies that allow multiple devices to interact and share resources. These strategies include offloading computational tasks to nearby high-performance computers over the tactical network and computation ferrying, or picking up and processing jobs using mobile high-performance computers. These systems and algorithms are in early developmental stages and require complex emulation systems to test their effectiveness. These emulation systems are very useful but do not afford an inherent way to visualize experiments and show the state of the devices and jobs in real time. In this report, we fill this gap by presenting a software package that allows exactly this visualization. In addition, the same package provides the capability to visualize a computational ferrying schedule, which is useful to demonstrate how our scheduling algorithms would be carried out on the battlefield.
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