Characterization of Tape Adhesion to Chemical Agent Resistant Coatings

Report No. ARL-RP-0517
Authors: Thomas A Considine; Thomas E Braswell; Joseph P Labukas
Date/Pages: January 2015; 26 pages
Abstract: Advanced military coating technologies have incorporated chemical agent resistance, desirable mechanical properties, and corrosion mitigating properties into CARC systems currently in use. The performance of these coatings is evaluated using MIL-DTL-530721. During the coating application phase and in the field, a tape pull off test is required by MIL-DTL-53072 to gauge adhesive strength of a coating to a primer or substrate. We have investigated the chemical and physical interactions of a variety of tapes used for the verification of coating adhesion with ASTM D33592 on several substrates using tensile pull-testing, infrared-spectroscopy, and contact-angle measurements. A correlation between tape adhesion and surface wetting characteristics has been established. Tapes meeting the minimum performance parameters of 80 inch ounce-force over the selected CARC systems were indentified.
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