Baseline Skills Assessment of the US Army Research Laboratory

Report No. ARL-TR-7181
Authors: Josephine Q Wojciechowski
Date/Pages: January 2015; 84 pages
Abstract: The US Army Research Laboratory (ARL) started several corporate initiatives to benchmark and improve upon strategic areas of the laboratory. These initiatives, designed to investigate a critical interest area, each began with a study led by a senior leader. The intent was to propose recommendations and an implementation plan for the next several years. One of these initiatives, Skills Assessment, was designed to examine the current state of the human capital of the organization. Dr Laurel Allender, director of the Human Research and Engineering Directorate, was tasked to lead a team of representatives from each of the other directorates in ARL and appropriate support functions in assessing the human capital of ARL. At the same time, ARL began a process to realign the long-term direct mission program to a set of science and technology campaigns. The ARL campaign plans would be collaborative and crosscutting focus areas for the mission program. The team used the campaign taxonomy to define the competencies for ARL and collected data for each ARL scientist or engineer, including all post docs and contractors based on the competency lists. A gap analysis was then completed. There were areas where ARL has little competency but planned to lead or collaborate in that area as well as areas where we had large numbers of people claiming competency yet we did not plan future efforts. Although the data were not exact, the study provides a place to begin to benchmark the ARL skill mix.
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