Uniform Tests of File Converters Using Unit Cubes

Report No. ARL-CR-0770
Authors: Steven J Nichols
Date/Pages: March 2015; 14 pages
Abstract: Ballistic Research Laboratory–Computer-Aided Design (BRL–CAD) is a solid-geometry modeling system used to design and develop geometric systems. It employs a sophisticated ray-tracing software system to evaluate materials, perform calculations, and render images of models of US Army vehicles. Ray-tracing large geometries could require millions of floating-point operations. Also included in BRL–CAD are converters that allow the user to convert from different geometry file types. The goal of this project is to create a uniform test for every file converter. This test is the creation of 1,000-unit cubes, from volume 0 (0 × 0 × 0) to 1-meter cubed (1,000 × 1,000 × 1,000), each incrementing by 1 millimeter. This tests the functionality of each converter and allows for comparison. This project was approached by first designing a program that would create 1,000 cubes of sizes incrementing by 1. The program was run in both of the BRL–CAD geometry editors before the files were changed to fit into the parameters of the other formats, allowing for the conversion of all different file types.
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