Metamaterial and Metastructural Architectures for Novel C4ISR Devices and Sensors

Report No. ARL-TR-7252
Authors: Weimin Zhou; Gerard Dang; Monica Taysing-Lara; Daniel Shreiber; Melanie Col; Eric Ngo; Matt Ivill; Grace Metcalfe; Nathaniel Woodward; Amir Zaghloul
Date/Pages: March 2015; 76 pages
Abstract: We have developed novel metamaterial devices and metastructures with new electronic and optoelectronic (OE) properties and used them to design and fabricate devices, such as slow-light, low-loss waveguides, terahertz modulators, and wideband radio frequency (RF) antennas with new functionalities. These devices will provide basic building blocks for future chip-scale semiconductor-integrated OE circuits and provide new capabilities over a wide range of frequencies from microwaves, terahertz, and into the infrared in Command, Control, Communications, Computers, Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance systems. We focused on 3 different types of metamaterial devices as basic building blocks. These are low-loss, slow-light, hollow-core metastructure waveguides for chip-scale-integrated OE/RF photonic circuit; metamaterial devices for terahertz communication/sensing/imaging; and tunable RF metamaterials. Some of our major accomplishments in this area of study include developing and demonstrating the worlds first silicon-based slow-light metastructure hollow-core waveguide, developing and demonstrating new tunable terahertz metamaterial devices, and designing and fabricating terahertz metastructure hollow-core waveguide. The DSI project has resulted in 14 publications, 1 US patent, 1 invention disclosure,
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