Dynamic Behavior and Optimization of Advanced Armor Ceramics: January — December 2011 Annual Report

Report No. ARL-CR-0766
Authors: RA Haber; JW McCauley
Date/Pages: March 2015; 236 pages
Abstract: This Materials Center of Excellence program has been conducted as a seamless, synergistic collaboration among the following institutions: Rutgers Malcolm G McLaren Center for Ceramic Research, Penn State Particulate Research Center, The Johns Hopkins Center for Advanced Metal and Ceramic Systems, and the US Army Research Laboratorys Weapons and Materials Research Directorate. The following tasks are reviewed: Nanostructured Armor Ceramics: Boron Carbide Powder Synthesis; the Role of Microstructure in the Ballistic Performance for Silicon Carbide; High-Strain-Rate Behavior and Dynamic Failure of Armor Ceramics; Identification of Fundamental Deformation and Failure Mechanisms in Armor Ceramics; Multiscale Computational Investigations of Interfaces Relevant to Structural Ceramics; Microstructural Tailoring: Particle Coating for Silicon Carbide; Study of US Silicon Carbide Powder Variations; Defining Microstructural Tolerance Limits of Defects for Silicon Carbide; and Nondestructive Characterization.
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