US Army Research Laboratory Materials Center of Excellence Dynamic Behavior of Noncrystalline and Nanocrystalline Metallic Systems: July 2011June — 2012 Annual Report

Report No. ARL-CR-0769
Authors: KT Ramesh; James W McCauley
Date/Pages: March 2015; 44 pages
Abstract: This cooperative research program emphasizes collaborative research between The Johns Hopkins University and the US Army Research Laboratory toward well-defined common goals: the understanding and development of advanced lightweight materials for vehicular protection, focusing on high-strain-rate/high-stress testing, determining the operative deformation and failure mechanisms, and developing relevant models to allow for materials design. This report summarizes the research carried out during 1 July 2011 through 30 June 2012 in the following areas: 1) nanomicro aluminum, 2) dynamic failure and damage mechanisms, 3) nanostructured magnesium, 4) modeling of body-centered-cubic nanostructures, 5) high-rate loading of piezoelectric ceramics research thrust, 6) continuum modeling of dynamic deformation mechanisms, 7) density functional theory modeling and transmission electron microscopy characterization of nonstoichiometric oxides and carbides (B6Ox and B4C), 8) administration, education, training, and collaborative structures, and 9) list of theses, publications, and presentations from the various thrust areas.
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