Coherent Optical Control of Electronic Excitations in Wide-Band-Gap Semiconductor Structures

Report No. ARL-TR-7285
Authors: Sergey Rudin, Gregory Garrett, and Vladimir Malinovsky
Date/Pages: May 2015; 68 pages
Abstract: The main objective of this research is to study coherent quantum effects, such as Rabi oscillations in optical spectra of wide-band-gap materials, and to determine the feasibility of fast optical control of quantum states in gallium nitride and zinc oxide heterostructures. Because of much stronger exciton-photon interaction in these materials as compared to gallium arsenide, it is possible to realize the strong coupling regime at room temperature. We perform an experimental and theoretical study on the dephasing processes in available nitride and zinc oxide materials. This is a necessary work toward coherent optical control of quantum states at higher temperatures, with ultimately room-temperature coherent control. We also propose a scheme to perform arbitrary unitary operations on a single electron-spin qubit in a quantum dot. The design is solely based on the geometrical phase that the qubit state acquires after a cyclic evolution in the parameter space.
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