A Communication Protocol for CyAMS and the Cyber Fighter Associate Interface

Report No. ARL-TN-0673
Authors: David Harman; Scott Brown; Brian Henz; Lisa M Marvel
Date/Pages: May 2015; 28 pages
Abstract: In the future, cyber attacks will have a growing effect on the outcome of military operations. The Cyber Fighter Associate (CyFiA) is a decision support program that works with the cyber network modeling and simulation system "CyAMS". The CyFiA will allow network security personnel to keep mission integrity through the use of cyber agility maneuvers. The CyFiA is being tested on CyAMS, a tool that uses an ns-3-based large network simulator. A large of amount of information needs to be exchanged between these 2 programs, and an efficient protocol and method for communication is required. A communica-tion protocol utilizing specific ports is described in this report. It is this protocol that enables the CyFiA programs to com-municate and operate in large network simulations.
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Last Update / Reviewed: May 1, 2015